QES Quality English Schools


QES is a network made up of the best English schools around the whole Spanish territory, which are joined together to develop training projects and which share as a goal the learning of English language. Our main clients will be able to distinguish us, because we will use our origin marking and a distinctive sign of belonging to this network of highly qualified centres.

We are not a franchise.

QES is a registered trademark by Mainfor Soluciones Tecnológicas y Formación S.L., which will be ceded free of charge to every training centre that fulfill some particular requirements connected to the quality and preparation of the official English language exams, and which are interested in becoming part of the project.

An ambitious project is being developed, so in a future we will become the best network of schools and English centres which are going to be taken as a national reference.

This national network of training centres in official English certificates, under the distinctive sign QES - QUALITY ENGLISH SCHOOLS, will allow us to work together in national training projects, which might otherwise be not possible to address in local centres.

To be connected and created a national network will allow us to establish synergies, giving us access to new markets (marketing of new training products expanding our current offer, projects for the public services, training of big companies such as banks, tendering process, grants for the training of employees, special agreements with suppliers, etc.).

What is our objective?

In 2015 there will be 17 QES Centres (one for each Autonomous Community); in that moment we will publish this information in our website. Our objective for 2018 is to have a QES centre for each municipality/district, so we will become the biggest teaching English cluster in Spain.

What do you need?

Becoming part of QES is totally free, though the centre has to fulfill the following requirements:

  • It must bear at least preparing students to obtain official language certificates since 2012.
  • It needs at least one certified classroom by any autonomous or state service (registered in SEPE).
  • It must have at least two employees in average workforce and also a group of teachers with indefinite contracts and one year service in the centre.
  • It must have a quality certification.
  • It must have at least an invoicing of 150.000€ in the last year.

All the different QES centre are joined in order to work and take part in future training projects; sharing always the same goal:

Quality training in English education

Contact us

If you are interested in becoming part of our project, you fulfill the requirement and you share the philosophy of QES, contact us:

+34 952 062 923